Monday, 24 December 2012

The common man and crimes against women

Lets put it this way, the "common man" is not the nice guy or the perennial victim portrayed in cartoons of R.K Laxman but really a bunch of sadist molesters, eve teasers , rapists and criminals behind female infanticide . Its not the Politicians in the parliament who go around teasing girls on the streets and aborting girls from the wombs in hospitals but your friendly neighbourhood “common man .”

Ask any girl returning home after dusk on a lonely street, in a small town, if she finds the sight of a "common man" approaching her comforting or disturbing & you will get the answer to the kind of feeling any sundry individual evokes in the minds of girls . I think it’s the much hyped "common man" and the "cultured" women in the nook and corner of our country who keep our culture of male dominance alive in our country and if you want to know why North India is worst affected try finding the answer in education and Dowry system and not in Police system.

And what are we as a people? We are a sadist bunch of people which on one end of the spectrum derives pleasure in crime against women and on the other end there are cruel calls for death punishment. In the last few months you feel so scared to publicly state that even on principles you are against Death Punishment. Some are even calling for chopping off body parts to be included in our Law Books because it works in Saudi Arabia!!! If Death Punishment was a deterrent then murders won’t happen in US , China and India .If chopping of body parts by Law was an effective deterrent then the Taliban Administration would have been a champion of Women's freedom and security and Afghanistan the beacon of Humanity and freedom.

The "common man" is quite pathetic and the man on the street is the real criminal .The Political class is the exact mirror image of this brute on the streets. We are all hand in glove. The criminal grows with the extra glass of milk that the he gets instead of his sister. I condemn the acts of "common man".

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