Saturday, 5 January 2013

The guilt of a nation

The interview of the Delhi gang rape victims friend has been broadcast.It was really a chilling interview.With tempratures in Delhi already so low i am afraid quit a lot of people may have frozen out of shame if not out of cold.
About 50 people in cars and bikes ,the chest thumping candle burning,death punishment demanding ,holier than thou class of Delhi citizens crossed the luckless couple lying naked on the road till the police vehicle reached.No one helped.
What happened from there onwards is the same old story of institutional failure of institution crafted in a particular manner where they are bound to fail.
I hope we all will bring some humanity in our eyes for whatever laws you make if ordinary people are so ruthless and heartless ,caring only about selfish interests and not about those fallen on the wayside , rest assured more tragedies are bound to happen.

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